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5 Ways to Get Winter Booties on Your Dog

Baby, it's cold outside!

One way to combat the cold winter months and keep your dog interested in their daily outdoor activity is to ensure they’re warm enough. Dog booties are not usually welcomed by dogs (at first), but they’re very helpful in keeping paws warm and protected from the chemicals used to melt away snow and ice from your path.

You’ll likely still experience the dog booty dance, which is pretty funny to see – let’s be honest. But with these 5 tips, you’ll have better luck getting those boots on again and keeping them on for your outings:

1.     Size matters
Overall dog size doesn’t necessarily translate into the same paw and boot size, so it’s best to measure your dog’s paw before you buy. You’ll also want to consider the material of the boot – the more complex the boot, the bulkier and more uncomfortable it may feel to your dog.

2.     Don’t laugh
It will be hard to resist, but as your dog’s confused expression pairs with their wobbly walk and utter booty cuteness, try to keep a straight face and hold that belly laugh in. Dogs feel embarrassed the same way people do, so laughing at them will only make them more anxious.

3.     Distract
Okay, the boots are on – quickly distract your dog with one of his favorite activities, like playing fetch, doing tricks or going for a quick walk. If you can do this each time you put their boots on, they’ll associate boots positively with play time and you’ll have less resistance.

4.     Take your time
Walking in booties takes time to get used to, so your dog will need to build up a tolerance to them. At first, start with a short stroll around the neighborhood and gradually build up to your normal walking distance overt time.

5.     Stick with it
Running away from you at the mere sight of booties is not uncommon, but don’t give up – remember that you’re doing this to protect your pup’s paws and the more you do it, the easier it will be. If all else fails, healthy treats and tummy rubs are wonderful bribes that might help you get their attention and get those boots on!

While it may not feel like it at first, your dog will soon learn that when their boots are out it’s time to go outside. In time you’ll even see him get just as excited at the site of his boots as he does when he sees you reach for the leash. So keep calm and booty on.

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