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AAHA Wrap Up & Exciting News!



By Amanda Landis-Hanna, DVM 
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Welcome to April, everyone!  I have just returned from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) conference in Austin, TX.  AAHA is a group of hospitals and veterinarians who strive to meet or exceed 900 benchmarks for high quality care.  These standards include markers for patient safety, pain control, and communication with pet parents.  Less than 20% of hospitals in the US and Canada are AAHA accredited, making it a pretty selective group.  Voyce is proud to be an AAHA member and participate in the 2016 AAHA conference.

This conference was unique, because it was the first time Voyce sponsored a data symposium.  As Voyce Pro is being used in more practices every day, it is important for veterinary teams to get the most cutting edge information on how data and technology can help improve patient care.  It was also a great opportunity for veterinarians to review some of the data and cases from dogs using Voyce Pro.

A number of highly respected veterinarians participated in the symposium, lecturing and educating AAHA-accredited veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary team members how objective data can be best utilized.  These speakers included Dr. Mark Epstein, Dr. Andy Roark, Dr. Ernie Ward, and Mr. Fritz Wood.  The data provided by remote monitoring can help support a veterinarian’s physical examination and diagnostic testing, leading to better outcomes for patients.

While at the AAHA Conference, Voyce was also very pleased to announce a breakthrough partnership with.  This relationship will allow the amazing veterinarians and veterinary students at Texas A&M to utilize Voyce Pro both for patients and for unique research.  Veterinary research is incredibly important, as it leads to new techniques and better understanding of how technology can be best utilized to help improve the quality of life for pets everywhere.  As a veterinarian and a scientist I look forward to additional partnerships and research opportunities!  In fact, I am honored to be presenting some of our data at an upcoming veterinary conference this summer, at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Forum event.

So many amazing things are happening right now, that it could be easy to become overwhelmed.  But the BEST part of it all, is hearing the heartwarming stories of dogs (and their families) who have been helped by Voyce and Voyce Pro.  So many veterinarians visited with us at the Voyce booth during the AAHA conference, to tell us their personal stories and the stories of their patients.  It is wonderful to see that better data is truly driving better medicine.


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Posted on Apr 04, 2016 by ostanfield Health