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Attention Future Vets!

It's not easy being a student. The long hours, weekly exams, a separation from those ones you love, including your pets, can make it a challenge. We have been there and know it's tough which is why we have something special just for you.

First, "Like us" on Facebook.  Then post to our wall and tell or show us about a special dog that has helped you deal with the ups and downs of being a student. Submit a short video or a photo of you with the dog, along with a 50 word or less write up.  You could be selected to win a free Voyce band plus a full year of service. Creativity counts so keep it fun. We want to help you understand your dog like never before so join the contest today. 

As with any contest, we have rules and regs, so take a second to review them, then go forth and submit. Feel free to share this with peers in your class - the more, the merrier.