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Voycetails: How We Met (Kyla and Roux)

2016-06-21 Voycetails Roux Ch. 1_2.jpg

Roux and Voyce team member and veterinary technician Kyla first met at City Dog Rescue, a rescue organization based in Washington, DC. Kyla and her husband were looking for a “hound” type dog to adopt and on their visit, “Bean Bag,” as she was then known, fell almost literally into their laps. “Hounds are not always very demonstrative” Kyla told us "she was quite shy at first. But she seemed sweet and just needed someone to bring her out of her shell. She was about two years old when we got her. But once she began to feel at home, her personality appeared and now she's a bit of nut at times." Kyla and her husband decided to name her after the New Orleans jazz and zydeco star Dr. John’s song, Mama Roux, which you can check out here .


Not long after Roux (pronounced Rooo) joined Kyla’s family, they moved to a rural area in Northern Virginia. Kyla and her husband had been planning this move and it was one of the reasons they sought a hound-type that they felt would enjoy the outdoors as much as they do. Roux's first farm fixation was definitely the cows across the quiet country lane. It seems she was certain some action was required on her part and more than once Kyla found herself jogging across the lawn after Roux, calling her back as she set off to inspect the cows more closely. Fortunately that was just a phase and it seems that Roux has taken to watching the cows peacefully from the porch these days.


Roux loves spending time with Kyla and has separation anxiety when they are apart. Kyla has been using Voyce on Roux for over a year now and daily monitoring has helped her and their veterinarian tweak Roux’s treatment. Kyla tried Prozac for Roux but both she and her vet observed that the medication actually made her more anxious, not less. They were able to determine this by reviewing Roux’s activity within her Voyce profile online. Kyla has found that on days when Roux does have to stay home, an extra long walk or run in the morning makes a big difference. While Roux is still restless during parts of the day, Kyla observes that she does get some extended naps in as well. And being in a dog friendly office, there are many opportunities for Roux to accompany Kyla as well!  


#VoyceTails is a weekly peek into the lives of members of the Voyce team, a group of dedicated professionals who work to improve healthcare and wellbeing for dogs through use of the Voyce health monitor and services we have created. A team member and their dog will be profiled each month, sharing their stories, pictures and insight. Because who doesn't love to chase a good dog tail? #voycetails  


Posted on Jun 21, 2016 by ostanfield Behind the Scenes