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VoyceTails: How We Met (Laila, A and Joel)

Laila has been with Voyce since October 2013 as the Director of Events. She handles logistics for all shows, conferences, sales events etc. as well as marketing for the sales team. She is a single mom to Miss A, her sweet daughter who was in first grade at that time. Since then, A has wanted a dog and I mean, really really wanted a dog. For a long time, Laila felt she had to say no. She and A’s father had been cat-people, at one time caring for up to 5 indoor/outdoor cats. She felt a dog would disrupt their cat-friendly home. Plus Laila was on the road a lot, as Voyce travelled to events like Superzoo, Global Pet Expo, Westminster and the AKC championships as well as veterinary conferences throughout 2014.

After a year and a half at a dog-focused company, Laila began to reevaluate her decision. Voyce began to focus its efforts on working with veterinarians and the crazy travel schedule slowed to one trip a quarter. Some of their cats voluntarily moved on to other homes and felt that perhaps there was a dog in their future. A was sure of it.  After all, she had been asking consistently for a year and half. Laila started to do some research around the office. She knew she wanted to rescue and she thought they would prefer an adolescent dog, as she wouldn’t be home enough to care for a little puppy. A teenager who would accept some training, could come to the office and behave and potentially be home alone a few times a week was her goal.

Laila started to search via Petfinder in early 2015. March found her in Tampa at the American Animal Hospital Association annual conference and it was then that she decided they were ready to take the plunge and welcome a dog into their home. They decided to work with FOHA, a local no-kill animal shelter not far from their house in Northern VA. Laila, waiting for her flight, and her daughter, who was at a friend’s, started scrolling through the available adoptees together. After much discussion, they landed on a profile that they agreed on instantly:

                                       large_joel ad_0.png

It was settled. Laila’s plane landed Saturday at noon. She picked up A from her friend's and they drove straight to FOHA, not even blinking at the Dairy Queen they passed, one of many Saturday traditions. As they turned in the FOHA driveway, they saw a volunteer walking two dogs in a paddock nearby. They slowed to a stop to watch. “Can I help you?” asked the volunteer. “Yes,” Laila replied, “we want that pup!” There was Joel, taking a stroll with one of his brothers. It was love at first sight.

FullSizeRender 9_2.jpg

After the interviews and greeting sessions that accompany any adoption, Laila and A took Joel for another walk around the FOHA grounds. Joel was shy and unsure of himself but he seemed to relax as the walk progressed and they knew he was the one.  There were sighs all around when they realized they would have to wait a week for FOHA to complete a house visit. "That's part of responsible adoption," Laila consoled A, as they anxiously crossed off the days on the kitchen calendar. The visit took place during the week and went off without a hitch. So the following Saturday they were back, as soon as the doors opened. They finished signing papers and Joel, A and Laila bounded down the steps of the FOHA porch and into the car, a happy family that had just grown a little bit bigger.

A with J in car.jpg


Tune in next Tuesday as we follow Laila, A and Joel's adventures at obedience school and as they begin their Agility training here on #voycetails 



#VoyceTails is a weekly peek into the lives of members of the Voyce team, a group of dedicated professionals who work to improve healthcare and wellbeing for dogs through use of the Voyce health monitor and services we have created. A team member and their dog will be profiled each month, sharing their stories, pictures and insight. Because who doesn't love to chase a good dog tail? #voycetails  




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