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VoyceTails: Working Hard, Hardly Working (Laila and Joel)

Laila and Joel are lucky to be able to spend lots of time together. Since Voyce is a dog-friendly office, Joel is able to accompany Laila to work most days. The Voyce office has an open layout and there are a lot of dogs, so there are a few rules. Each quadrant of desks has a gate and dogs are supposed to be with their owners, not just cruising the halls. However, as you might have seen last week, gates mean nothing to Joel. His ability to pop over them from a standstill means Laila has certainly had her work cut out for her when it comes to keeping track of Joel in the office.  

One week stands out in particular. Joel managed to steal FIVE different lunches (including one from the trash, that was a big no-no). Sushi, salad, mac and cheese, burritos, you name it, he sniffed them out and ate them, day after day for a entire week. Needless to say, everyone learned to put their food in the kitchen after that and Joel found himself restricted on leash duty till he showed he would stay put.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.53.12 PM.png

Joel also enjoys getting the two black Labs, Hektor and Argos in trouble. Since their owner is often in meetings, “the boys” as they are known, tend to stay in his office. Unless Joel comes along with tempting offers of a careen around the hall.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.50.57 PM_0.png

Joel is also good friends with the largest member of our office pack, the English Mastiff, Scout. He really loves Scout’s big red toy and is not above whisking it away, sometimes right under Scout’s nose. 

Like many rescues, Joel has a very good memory for people, especially suckers. If you give him a treat once, he will add it to his calendar, which is nearly full now and you can be sure he’ll be back the next day to try again. He has established “snack dates” with several members of the team. There’s Ben who will give him a treat in the morning and then his cheese date with Kyla during lunch and Jeimy who’ll give in at any time of day. As you can see, he’s a busy (and a very happy) dog.

Joel sleeping_0.JPG



Tune in to #VoyceTails next week for the last interview with Joel and Laila, we’ll share some of Joel’s Top Five Favorite Toys,Treats and Activities. 

#VoyceTails is a weekly peek into the lives of members of the Voyce team, a group of dedicated professionals who work to improve healthcare and wellbeing for dogs through use of the Voyce health monitor and services we have created. A team member and their dog will be profiled each month, sharing their stories, pictures and insight. Because who doesn't love to chase a good dog tail? #voycetails  


Posted on May 17, 2016 by ostanfield Behind the Scenes