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Dogs Welcome in Time Inc.'s Brooklyn Office

After the recent passing of a New York bill that allows pet parents to bring their dogs to dine out with them, it seems like the Empire State is continuing to open more doors for the canines. The New York Post notes the media company Time Inc. is now joining the club.

Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp stated in an internal memo that was released by Media Ink that he will allow employees to bring their dogs to the new office space that is being built in Brooklyn. While this is not the first company that has welcomed dogs into an office space, it may be one of the biggest. The company will be the first major media conglomerate to invite canines to hang out with their beloved pet parents while they work.

A convincing offer

The office will be used for strictly engineering purposes, as the main headquarters of the company sit in downtown Manhattan. Some of the departments that will work in the place include production and engineering, technology and the staff that make up the editorial innovation team. The newest downtown headquarters have not been opened yet, and will be in December. While these employees may have expected to head there, Ripp is throwing in perks such as a canine-friendly environment to compensate for going into Brooklyn each day, which can be somewhat of a difficult commute. The office will also have lunch brought in each day for the staff, though there was no mention whether that lunch would include one for the pups. The space will include showers and bike racks for commuters too.

Yet what about people with dog allergies?

The memo stated that there would be areas of the office that are dog-friendly, and others where dogs are not welcome. One of the spaces dogs are not allowed is conference rooms, as those will be spaces shared by all. There will also be a designated dog-free zone in the office. As for the rest of the common areas, dogs will have to be kept on leashes and will not be able to roam free. Employees with their own closed place may have their dog's off leash in their designated area.

So why is Time Inc. and other companies beginning to welcome dogs into the office? Some believe it has to do with boosting office morale. One study published in the International Journal of Workspace Health Management found that having dogs around actually helped with office morale and alleviated employee stress. Of course, who would not want to play with a dog for five minutes between meetings? The study also found that, overall, people who had dogs in the workspace were more satisfied with their jobs than people who did not.

Lead study author Randolph Barker, Ph.D., stated, "The differences in perceived stress between days the dog was present and absent were significant. The employees as a whole had higher job satisfaction than industry norms."

Joining the crowd

So, Ripp may just be trying to create a more enjoyable, happy work environment, and he is not the only major company doing it. According to CNBC News, Google has welcomed dogs for years, and actually prefers them over cats! Etsy also gladly welcomes dogs, going so far as to create a canine operations team. Amazon invites employees to bring dogs in too, even building a dog park next to their Seattle office. The main desk has a constant supply of dog biscuits. Procter and Gamble, which owns major dog food companies, welcomes dogs into the office and gives all of their employees free dog food. Naturally, here at the Voyce office, we also welcome our dogs to join us at work!

If you are looking for a job where your dog can come to work with you, check out, which regularly updates its list of companies in the area that enjoy the presence of dogs.

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Posted on Jul 01, 2015 by VOYCE Just for Fun