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Did you know dogs hide symptoms of illness and pain?

Going forward, we’re going to have a regular series on this blog called “Did You Know,” where we provide interesting facts you might not have known about dogs, the Voyce health band, or really, anything that just strikes our fancy. For our inaugural “Did You Know,” we’re going to talk about one of the factors that motivated us to create the Voyce band.

Did you know dogs, by nature, hide symptoms of illness or pain?

“Dogs possess many genetically driven instincts and one of the most powerful ones is the drive to survive.  Dogs instinctively mask pain as one of their most common survival strategies.  Darwin’s taught us about the survival of the fittest, and the drive to hide pain is a clear manifestation of this… as weakness attracts predators,” notes Mark Stephenson, DVM.

What that means for non-science-y people is, if your dog is sick or in pain, by the time he gives you a signal to that effect (such as a limp or a notable change in appetite), he’s probably already been in pain for a long time. That can mean expensive vet bills ... or something a vet can no longer fix.

To compound this, many dogs suffer from “White Coat Syndrome,” so if you suspect something is not right and take your dog to the vet, your dog is already anxious and may display an elevated heart rate, making it harder for a vet to identify if something is not right.

Voyce can help address these issues because: 

·       Having access to vital signs such as resting heart rate or respiratory rate when the dog is not agitated could help the vet determine a baseline for assessment.

·       Seeing trends in data over time allow anomalies (such as a change in appetite or a decrease in activity) to become more apparent and help alert you to issues much earlier than your dog will.

·       Additionally, you’ll receive content based on the data you and the Voyce band have provided, giving you context to help you understand what certain behaviors or issues could signify.

All of these factors may help prolong your dog’s wellbeing and potentially even his life.

No matter how long a dog has been part of your life, it’s never long enough. Our goal with Voyce is to do whatever we can to help make that time last a little longer.


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