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Dog-Friendly Outdoor Dining Now Legal in New York

It is official! New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has passed a bill allowing pet parents to dine with their dogs at any restaurant with an outdoor patio. The bill was signed on October 26.

Now, pet parents simply need to call a restaurant ahead of time to see if it is OK if their dog joins them for a quick meal on the patio. All restaurants included in the bill must have a second entrance that the dogs can enter and leave by, so that they do not have to pass customers inside the restaurant. Prior to the passing of the bill, dogs were not allowed to step foot on any restaurant's property unless they were a therapy dog or a seeing-eye dog.

All dogs must be on a leash and all restaurants need to indicate that they welcome canine patrons with a visible sign on the outside of the building. If pet parents do decide to bring their dog along for the meal, the dogs must behave and not bother the other patrons. If they decide to go to the bathroom, pet parents need to pick it up immediately. Dogs are allowed to receive water from the restaurant, but it must be in a container that can only be used once.

Minding your manners

Pet parents must also ensure that their dogs are on their best behavior. All dogs must be well mannered while at the establishment. They cannot be noisy and bark excessively, attempt to visit other patrons eating outside, jump around on people or on the table, eat off of the table, or be otherwise misbehaved. All pet parents should keep their dog on a short leash so they cannot suddenly pull toward a customer or a waitress serving food. It might not be a good idea for pet parents to invite puppies to lunch, especially if they are not fully potty trained or tend to misbehave. If you have a dog that is well behaved and can handle himself, then otherwise he should be good to go!

Cuomo stated he decided to put the bill into law as a way to boost New York business at restaurants. He believes that now pet parents can feel encouraged to bring along their best friend, which might mean making more trips to a local cafe instead of deciding to stay in.

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Posted on Nov 06, 2015 by VOYCE Lifestyle