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Enjoy The Big Game With Your (Furry) Best Friends

While we humans are watching the Big Game, we have to remember that our dogs will definitely pick up on our excitement… or disappointment during the game. Extra guests, loud noises, yelling, and singing along to the Half Time Show can add extra stress and anxiety for dogs, no matter the occasion. 

While cheering on the Broncos, Seahawks, or waiting for the commercials to appear, think about what kind of snacks our dogs could be getting ahold of that you may not have known are bad for them:

- Alcohol: Whether their ID is in dog years or human years, they shouldn’t be drinking, or lapping up alcohol of any type.

- Grapes: These are poison pods on a stem for your dog!  Kidding aside, grapes and raisins can cause renal failure in dogs, and experts really don’t know why. 

- Onions: Dog breath is bad enough as is, let's not increase the potency along with increasing the risk of anemia.

- Chicken wings: One of the most popular Big Game food items is especially bad for dogs because, in addition to being highly seasoned (more pancreatitis risks), the soft bones can splinter, causing all sorts of problems.

- Spicy foods and foods high in sodium, including chips and dips, can cause pancreatitis. That means holy-moly, no guacamole. 

Now that we have all the seriousness out of the way, this Sunday is also the 10th Annual Puppy Bowl hosted by Animal Planet. This year, Animal Planet, in conjunction with the ASPCA and other rescue operations,will bring the event live to the Big Apple. So much cuteness, all for a good cause. To learn more, check out their page or swing by the game yourself for free! They even have a puppy “kissing booth” and a Hall of Fame!


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