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Five Reasons to Volunteer for an Animal Shelter or Rescue

If you’re considering volunteering for an animal shelter or rescue organization, you can be sure that it will be time well spent. Many members of the VOYCE team are active in various local, state and national dog rescue organizations.  The reasons to volunteer and give back are many, but we’ve listed several here to encourage volunteering when it comes to dogs:

1. Learn or improve a skill

Whether you are fresh from school and in need of some experience, or making a career transition and want to try something new, volunteers are needed at all levels of shelters and rescues.  Organization, logistics and even management roles are all possibilities. Some candidates have never participated in charitable or non-profit activities before, and dog rescues are a great place to start.

2. Make new friends

It can be tricky to meet new two-legged friends. Volunteering at a shelter can introduce you to all kinds of people with similar interests.  There’s great camaraderie in the dog world, and the rescue and shelter communities in particular.

3. Expand your network

Beyond the social interaction, new contacts to network with and potential business contacts can be found in the volunteer community. You never know what kinds of coincidences you could set in motion.

4. Get some exercise

There’s a wealth of research that demonstrates how great dog walking is for human health.  For example, this study from the University of Missouri, found that people who walk dogs - whether they own one or not - get more exercise, show more fitness improvement, become more competitive and are more likely to stick with a fitness regimen than people who don’t.

5. Help animals

The best reason is saved for last and certainly bears repeating: Whether you’re working hands-on with the animals to make sure they are safe, exercised and socialized, or doing something like driving, bookkeeping or answering the phone, every volunteer role comes with the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of our furry friends.

To find volunteer opportunities near you, search the web for local dog shelters and rescues, check out the ASPCA Shelter Finder, or try Volunteer Match. Thanks in advance for helping out!


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