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How Can My Veterinarian Start Using Voyce Pro?

By: Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna
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Question: I love the data and assistance Voyce gives me, but I’d like to use Voyce Pro. I want my veterinarian to be able to monitor my dog, and screen him for problems or pain?  How do I get my vet involved?

Answer:  Thank you for that excellent question!  While Voyce was designed with the pet parent in mind, Voyce Pro was designed specifically to support veterinarians.  For me, I struggle with proactive care for my patients, since I only see them 1-2 times per year.  Voyce Pro helps fill in the gaps, and lets the veterinary team know if a pet is experiencing a change in health.

Voyce Pro is still relatively new to the veterinary community, and became available in July, 2015.  The program is rapidly gaining popularity among veterinarians and those who support them.  The data provided by Voyce Pro is exceedingly accurate, meaning that more and more vets are turning to Voyce Pro to help improve patient care.  At NAVC (North American Veterinary Conference) Voyce Pro was discussed in many lectures.  Additionally Voyce Pro has been featured in all major veterinary publications.

But there are still many veterinarians who are unfamiliar with Voyce Pro.  So how do you help your veterinarian, or find out if your veterinarian already uses Voyce Pro?

Recommendation #1: Discuss it with your veterinarian.  If you are using Voyce, your veterinarian will ask you what it is (if she isn’t familiar with it).  Feel free to share the website ( or even this blog!  Additionally, make sure to print a copy of your pet’s data to take with you and to share with your veterinarian.

Recommendation #2: Direct your veterinarian to Voyce Customer Service.  Some veterinarians are less comfortable with new technologies, and feel more assured when they can speak with someone truly familiar with the technology and program.  You are welcome to share the Voyce Customer Service number: 1-844-GO-VOYCE.

Recommendation #3: Upgrade your membership.  If you are currently using Voyce, changing to Voyce Pro is an easy transition.  First login, then click on your name in the upper left bar.  Select Wellness Management Plans, and there you will see an option to upgrade.  When you select to upgrade, you will be asked to input your veterinarian’s information.  At that time, Voyce Pro will reach out to him or her.  If your veterinarian is not already participating in Voyce Pro, it easy for them to get started, then your veterinarian can evaluate your pet’s data, and set health parameters.

As Voyce Pro continues to grow, the veterinary community will become increasingly aware.  Many veterinarians already participate in the program…your vet may use Voyce Pro without you knowing!  If you are unsure, feel free to ask.  Veterinarians love to serve their clients and patients, and usually are happy to do so through any means.  Healthier dogs are a good thing for pet parents AND veterinarians!

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Posted on Feb 08, 2016 by VOYCE Health