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It's CES week!

Most of our team is out in Las Vegas unveiling Voyce globally, but a few of us remain back at HQ.

When the cat’s away, the (dogs) will play! This is Beckett and Harper, two key members of our team, burning off energy inside on a very cold day. When dogs get together, it can often look like fighting. Sometimes they even growl, but that’s just how dogs “play.” If the tails are wagging, the hackles are down and there is not a gratuitous amount of aggressive growling, then they are just “wrassling.”  These guys had been playing for about 20 minutes straight when Beckett started whipping out these fancy Kung Fu wrassle moves. Take note Jackie Chan!

We do plan to take breaks from all this hard work in order to post a few blog updates and keep you in the loop. For example, we’ve only been live for a day or so and we’ve already had some great press coverage. Check out our press section on this website to see what they're saying. Also, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you can get alerted to our media mentions, as well as how things are going from the folks on the floor at CES.