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Canadian Company Settles 'Dog-Pants Debate'

In cartoons and movies, people often joke about dogs wearing human clothing, including pants, shoes, glasses and so on. Now we get to see it in real life.

Tim Skelly, owner of Muddy Mutts, decided to make this improbable look very probable when he created a pair of waders for dogs. Skelly currently operates a dog-wear line in Canada, so adding pants to the collection was not completely unheard of for him.

It all began a few weeks ago when a 19-year-old Belgium student asked his girlfriend if she realistically thought it would be possible to design a pair of pants for dogs. Naturally, she could not answer the question. So, the student decided to take to the Internet to see what the general public thought. To his surprise, the question sparked a serious debate about if dogs should wear pants and how exactly they should look. Some debaters even got diagrams involved to explain their theories.

Skelly intervened and tried to resolve the viral debate when he stated that he creates waders for dogs that fit very similar to how human pants do. The waders he designed cover all four legs of the dog as well as his underside to protect him from getting muddy in wet weather. Essentially, the pants were designed to help make it easier for pet parents to clean off their dogs after a walk. Skelly never thought his design would get involved in the debate until he posted pictures of the pants.

After that, sales for the waders spiked by 2,800 percent, causing customers to have to join a waiting list just to get a pair. The pants currently sell for $50 a pair in the U.S. Due to their popularity, Skelly is eagerly making more designs looking to appeal to the masses that demand his product.

Though Skelly and his company may have started the trend, other companies are sure to follow, making this fantasy image all too real.

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Posted on Jan 31, 2016 by VOYCE Just for Fun