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VoyceTails: Working Hard, Hardly Working (Roux and Kyla)

Roux loves coming to the office with Kyla because she gets a chance to spend time with her best bud, Bodhi, the Golden Retriever. Bodhi is younger than Roux and always getting into mischief. She likes to follow close behind and prefers to let him lead the way on his (illicit) charges down the hall. The two can often be found on any of the bigger dog beds throughout the office.


Roux has several friends, though she is still somewhat shy and aware of her size. In a sea of Labs, German Shepards and the lone Mastiff, she is one of the daintier members of the Voyce Pack and she definitely does not do rough-housing. The addition of one or two friends to a one-on-one game with Bodhi and Roux is out of there. Which is understandable, she has a reputation to maintain, of course.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Roux’s small stature doesn’t stop her from investigating and thereby turning over EVERY garbage can in the office. To no avail, of course, the humans have long since learned to dispose of food in the kitchen only, but it’s still worth a sniff.


Kyla tells us that Roux is sometimes affectionately known as Beyoncé, due to her unique use of her posterior to bump and push her opponent when playing. To look at this innocent face, we never would have guessed!

2016-07-01 ROux2 sleeping.jpg

#VoyceTails is a weekly peek into the lives of members of the Voyce team, a group of dedicated professionals who work to improve healthcare and wellbeing for dogs through use of the Voyce health monitor and services we have created. A team member and their dog will be profiled each month, sharing their stories, pictures and insight. Because who doesn't love to chase a good dog tale? #voycetails  


Posted on Jul 01, 2016 by ostanfield Behind the Scenes
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