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Kelly and Michael Celebrate Technology and Voyce

Today’s Kelly and Michael show “rode” into the future of consumer technology by reviewing some of the hottest items at CES last month. In addition to a new twist on the Segway and a twisty-television, they showcased our twist on pet care: the Voyce band.

Just as a note, Voyce isn’t intended to replace veterinary visits, but enhance and complement vet services by providing insight about your dog’s health, in-between visits.  Potential “White Coat Syndrome” or excitement about a new environment with lots of animal smells can make getting reliable vitals more difficult. Being able to provide your vet data about your dog’s respiratory rate or heart rate while your dog is at home and relaxed can help you and your vet gain understanding about your dog’s natural, relaxed state. Voyce was developed with vets and the data can be accessed by vets on a regular basis. 


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