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Springtime Safety Tips for Your Dog

Spring has made its arrival, and you are not the only one who is excited about it. Your furry friend is thrilled for the season change too, whether it means he gets to play outside in the warm weather or feel the sun beat down on him through the window while he sits in his favorite chair. While you both are eager to spend more time outside to enjoy the new season, there are a few safety tips you need to make sure you are following. Keeping your pup protected this spring can help maximize the fun and keep the both of you happy.

Here are a few spring safety tips to keep in mind:

Steer clear of puddles

With springtime comes rain showers, which often result in puddles and other standing water around your home. North Shore Animal League America suggests paying close attention to your dog while he is outside and making sure he does not drink from these puddles. Standing water fills with bacteria, and if your furry friend consumes it he could experience gastrointestinal issues.

Buckle him up

Now that the snow storms are over, going on leisurely drives will probably happen more often. If you decide to bring your pup along for the ride, be sure to buckle him up properly by putting him in his crate. Letting your dog ride around in the front seat without being buckled in could be extremely dangerous if a car accident occurs.

Be cautious of bees

Once it is time to let you dog roam around outside, he is going to start exploring. This means he may try to inspect the flowers, which may have a stinging insect around it. If you notice a bee is flying around the area your dog is in, do your best to get him away from it. If he gets stung, it is in your best interest to call the vet, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. All animals react to stings differently, so be sure to describe your furry friend's symptoms to the vet vividly to determine if he needs medical attention.

Look out for chocolate

Easter is on its way, which means the Easter bunny will soon be delivering candy and treats for your family. As chocolate is very toxic for your pup, it is important to make certain the sweets are never within his reach. However, if somehow he finds his way to the Easter basket and he ends up eating a chocolate bunny or two, take him to the vet immediately.

Keep cleaning products out of reach

Once spring arrives, you are bound to get to work on your spring cleaning duties. Busting out the cleaners is great for your house, but they can be extremely harmful for your dog if ingested. When picking which solutions to clean your home with, choose wisely. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals suggested carefully reading the labels before using and storing them properly so they are out of your pup's reach.

Follow these spring tips to make the most of you and your furry friend's time in the sunshine.

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Posted on Mar 25, 2016 by VOYCE Lifestyle