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Dr. LH Discusses the Dog-Friendly Office of VOYCE

By: Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna

Welcome to Medical Monday!  I am Dr. Landis-Hanna (AKA Dr. LH), and I am your friendly Voyce veterinarian. A number of pet parents are interested in what we do at the office every day, so I thought I would share some of the joys of working at the Voyce office.


At our headquarters in Chantilly, Va., we are lucky to have a “dog-friendly” office. We have several dogs that come into the office on a daily or rotational basis. We have dogs of all ages, sexes, and breeds that come in.  Our smallest "employee" is Chloe, a 7-pound Malti-Poo. We also have "Scout," a 240-pound English Mastiff.  And yes, they get along!

It is wonderful to have a number of dogs in the office, for a variety of reasons.  Dog touch (and kisses) is well documented to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Additionally, we have found that having our dogs nearby helps to increase our creativity. In fact, my newly-adopted-dog Sophie (a 10-year-old Labrador) is helping me type this article!

Another benefit of having dogs nearby means that we can see how accurate Voyce is every day. As a veterinarian, I can compare the resting heart rate and respiratory rate that I collect to the data Voyce collects. So it also benefits the dogs to come into the office!

Not everyone works in an office that is “dog-friendly.” Many companies are becoming more open to the idea, in an effort to improve efficiency, bond employees to the company, and provide a non-monetary benefit.   It may be worth discussing pet-friendliness with your Human Resource Department, so you can enjoy the many benefits of having your furry best friend with you at work!

And if you ever want to meet some of our dogs, please follow @MyDogsVoyce and @DrLHVet on Twitter. We make sure to post pictures of our furry friends -- some of whom you can see below!