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Medical Monday: Dr. LH Recaps an Exciting Year for Voyce

By: Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna, DVM

What a long, fulfilling year it has been!  For those of you who have been following along every step of the way, it may seem like we are a different company than we were in January of 2014.  Let me show you how far we’ve come!sofie_drlh_voyce.jpg

In January we had just wrapped up another round of testing at Cornell University’s vet school, with two of our advisors, Dr. Marc Krauss (cardiology) and Dr. Joe Wakshlag (nutrition).  We headed to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) to display the technology, and won a “best in show” prize just as we headed to the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC).  NAVC was our first opportunity to show Voyce to veterinarians, which was exciting for the team.  In February we were equally busy, going to Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) where we had a great reception and created some lasting partnerships.

As we moved into the spring, the weather here in Virginia got warmer, allowing more testing to evaluate different breeds and mixed breeds.  Additionally we were able to participate in local and national events, such as American Animal Hospital Association’s annual event (AAHA), held in Nashville.  AAHA is a group of veterinarians who have performed additional credentialing to ensure they are the safest and most advanced. The group was very excited to hear about Voyce and it’s capabilities of monitoring resting heart rate, resting heart rate, and activity metrics.  Many veterinarians were also very excited for the educational platform, and our partnership with Lifelearn.  A better-educated pet parent often has a closer relationship with his or her veterinarian, which is appealing to everyone.

As the cherry blossoms came and left we were moving into more advanced accuracy testing.  We also continued to develop more opportunities for the pet parent to engage with educational platform.  We developed partnerships with educational experts in fields such as training, behavior, competition, cognition, and dog lifestyle.  It has been a pleasure to work with these dog lovers over the last year!

It was a muggy summer this year, so many of the dogs in our office were excited to come into the office every day, for a dog cookie and some extra exercise.  We wanted to make sure they were getting all of their needs met.  We also collected great information from some of our Beta testers, allowing us to refine the Voyce band, including changing the brightness of the LED!

Moving into the fall, our testing was really picking up.  We hired additional technical contractors, to help us accomplish our testing goals for maximum accuracy.  We gratefully celebrated Veterinary Technician week in October. We were also able to celebrate some major “doggie victories,” including introducing some new dogs into our regular office dog lineup.  These include Sabrina Weinberger, who is pictured at the bottom of this blog post.  She is a sweet older lady, and a complete love-bug.  I’m also happy to report that in the fall my family was lucky enough to adopt Sophie, a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever (pictured above).  Her dad was moving and she needed a home.  My whole human family loves her, as does the Voyce family.  You will see more pictures of her in the future!  

As we approach the year’s end we are continuing to advance Voyce.  When we started the year we were collecting data, and here we are at the point of pre-order and reservations for the final product!  I had no idea how much effort went into launching a product, or how fast so much data needed to be collected.  Each dog I work with has helped to refine the product and make it better.  The input of the technical team has helped make a product that veterinarians and pet parents will both find beneficial.  I am proud that Sophie has become a member of the team and has provided valuable accuracy data.  And I am incredibly blessed to look back at this last year and see how far we have all come.  It has been an adventure, and one that I am excited to continue into 2015, with all of the people and dogs that I share my life with.

Thank you for allowing me to share my exciting year with you.  How are you looking forward to using Voyce?  How have you been celebrating the holidays with the dogs you love?  Let us know by tweeting to @MyDogsVoyce and @DrLHVet. You can also interact with us on our Facebook page.