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Medical Monday: National Puppy Day

By: Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna
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It is National Puppy Day!  While it may be a made-up holiday, I firmly believe we can all benefit from showing a bit of gratitude to our furry companions.  They give us so much, including compassion and unabated love that it is easy to see how this ‘holiday’ came to pass.

Unfortunately, sometimes puppies become sick.  Just like with older dogs, sometimes illnesses are developed over time, or “caught” in the case of contagious diseases.  Sometimes puppies are born with congenital diseases.  Congenital diseases are problems that puppies may have at birth.  Similar to humans, some puppies are born healthy, while other puppies may need medical intervention to be their healthiest. Luckily many of these conditions can be treated, through medicine or surgery.

I often have pet parents ask me how puppies can benefit from Voyce.  Puppies grow and change very rapidly.  They explore the world through their mouths…one of the many reasons why they are such avid chewers!  It is not at all uncommon for a puppy to develop an issue, without the pet parent noticing it right away.  Sometimes it is something they ate, such as trash.  Other times it is another dog they were exposed to at the park, when they ‘picked up’ a virus or parasite.  Still other times it is a congenital disease that may not emerge for the first several weeks or months of life, only to show up later on.  Voyce can help with all of these conditions.

Voyce provides a baseline for a rapidly growing and changing puppy.  As he grows bigger and stronger, his statistics will change over time.  The pet parent or the veterinarians may note a sudden or rapid change, allowing earlier communications about potential risk factors.  The note taking section allows the pet parent to be aware of upcoming appointments and vaccines, to ensure the puppy gets the best care possible.  The social nature of Voyce allows you to share your data with friends, puppy trainers, and veterinarians.  This information allows a more well-rounded view of a puppy’s whole life, and allows everyone to work together as a team to make sure he is as well-rounded as possible.

Many pet parents ask me about sizing Voyce bands for puppies, because they grow so quickly.  Each band is adjustable. Or if your puppy outgrows his band, you can get a replacement band by contacting customer service.  Voyce truly grows with your puppy.

Personally, I am grateful for Voyce, and the insight it provides me.  I have been a practicing veterinarian for 13 years, but I love learning more about dogs.  The puppies (of all ages) that I share my life with are incredibly important to me, and I love the peace of mind that I get from data.  I also enjoy watching my friends and family learn more about dogs, every single day.  They become smarter, better educated pet parents, which can help take even better care of their companions. While I want all puppies to be healthy throughout their entire life, the odds indicate that almost all dogs will have at least one major illness at some point in their life.  Voyce can help us detect problems sooner.  I am grateful for all the dogs, puppies, pups, and furbabies in my life.  And I’m grateful to every tool I have which allows me to care for them, including Voyce.


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