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Moving Tips for You and Your Dog

By: Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna
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At i4C Innovations, our company is constantly developing new technologies to improve care for animals.   We are bringing in new team members to build more robust monitors (although what we have already developed is pretty great!). Essentially, we are always working on the next new thing, with cutting edge inventors and scientists.  The only downside?  It’s a lot of people to fit into our office space! 

In an effort to keep all the people (and dogs) comfortable, we are stretching our space a bit.  We have rented the office space next door, and we are moving part of our team over.  Dog testing will be moving next door, which will free up some space for new team members, as well as allow dog testing a more dedicated space to develop new technologies (and improve what we already have).

As the supervising veterinarian, it is important for me that all of our dogs are comfortable, and relaxed.  So we are getting the new space fully geared up, with quiet space and dog beds.  Since all of our testing is non-invasive and painless, my focus is on making sure our dogs are happy and healthy.  We make sure the floor is padded or carpeted to comfort everyone’s joints.  We take extra precautions with outdoor testing in the summer, to make sure our dogs don’t burn their paws or get overheated.

As someone who has moved and traveled with dogs quite a few times, here are a few top tips:

1. Pack with your pet in mind.  Take water and food bowls, dog bed, and leash with you.  Always pack food, medication, and veterinary information where you can easily access it.

2. Plan ahead.  Call ahead to make sure your hotels are dog friendly. If you are moving into a new area, search for emergency veterinarians nearby.  You do not want to have to make quick decisions on the road—preparation helps.

3. Make it comfy.  If you are taking your dog with you to a new office space or to a new important, it is very helpful to take her favorite bed.  The bed will smell like home, which can be comforting.  Additionally, take a travel crate or a baby gate so you can quickly confine her if you need to. 

With these quick tips (and a lot of patience) moving doesn’t have to be too painful.  Now the dogs can all focus on marking their new territory!

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Posted on Jul 27, 2015 by VOYCE Lifestyle
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