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National Veterinary Technician’s Week

By: Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna
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Veterinary Technicians are some of the most important people I know.  These individuals are often smart, talented, brave, skilled, and hysterically funny (which is a tough combination to come by). I have been incredibly blessed to work with many veterinary technicians in the years that I have been around veterinary hospitals, animal clinics, and shelters.  They frequently have STRONG personalities, a bit of sassiness, and a huge heart for animals.  For these reasons, I am so lucky to have many as friends, as well as co-workers. 

Veterinary technicians come in many different forms.  One form is the Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT).  These are people who have gone to school to complete advanced training and certification in their craft.  Many veterinary hospitals have one or two, and they are often leaders in the hospital.  I am very lucky to currently work with six licensed technicians at the Voyce office!  Malia, Tracy, Kyla, Andrea A., Andrea B., and Jenny are amazing assets for their wealth of knowledge, and their desire to help dogs every day. 

Another group are veterinary assistants.  Veterinary assistants are not certified veterinary technicians, but they often have many of the same skills, and the same passion for helping animals.  It is common for veterinary hospitals to have several veterinary assistants, who support the veterinary technicians and veterinarians to provide the best care possible.  At Voyce, Andrew F. and Andrew T. act as part of our technical team to help us care for our Voyce dogs, every day.  Their work is invaluable, and without their time and effort Voyce (as you know it) would not exist today.

Each state has different laws, set by the State Board, which dictates what veterinary assistants and veterinary technicians are allowed to do.  Regardless of the state, these trained individuals care for your dogs, help ease pain and discomfort, and console frightened animals (and pet parents).  For these reasons, I celebrate them as part of National Veterinary Technician week.

At Voyce, we believe everyone who loves a dog is part of her health care team.  Veterinary team members and pet parents can act together to help support her health and wellbeing.  So this week I encourage you to seek out your veterinary team members, veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants, and thank them.  Thank them for their time, dedication, and hard work.  The hours are often long, and the pay is not always huge, so they get their bonuses in dog kisses.  Their job is incredibly difficult., and no veterinarian could do her work without the help of the whole team.

So on behalf of the Voyce team, THANK YOU!

Meet the Voyce Veterinary Technicians, Andrea A., Andrea B., and Jenny C.:

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Posted on Oct 12, 2015 by VOYCE Behind the Scenes
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