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What is the Difference Between Voyce and Voyce Pro?

By: Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna
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I am just getting back from CVC San Diego, the last major veterinary conference for 2015.  It also happens to be where I lived and practiced for 5 years, before moving to Virginia.  It was great to learn so much at the conference, but also to see old friends.  They wanted to know all about Voyce and Voyce Pro, but the question about similarities and differences came up often. 

Voyce and Voyce Pro share the same basic equipment and web platform.  The Voyce Wellness monitor is worn by the dog in both cases, 24 hours a day.  It is non-invasive and comfortable, with no prongs or shaving; it is designed to be worn long term.  The pet parent can review their data at any time, using any web-enabled device.  (I checked on Sophie every day while in San Diego…my kids spoiled her!!!)  A pet parent can choose to share their data at any time.  A pet parent can also take advantage of the full Voyce Wellness Center, including access to unique articles written by veterinarians and dog experts.  The pet parent can also add reminders, such as when to give medications, or when to return to the vet for a check up or a refill of medications.  The pet parent may add notes, which are time-stamped, so she doesn’t have to try to remember when an event occurred (such as a pet getting into the trash or having diarrhea).  A symptom checker, designed by veterinarians, is also available.

One of the biggest differences in the two systems is how veterinarians can use them and access the data.  If a patient has Voyce, the veterinarian can access his data as a Caregiver, and can fully investigate all data.  With Voyce Pro, however, the veterinarian can set custom monitoring parameters for each dog’s data.  That means your veterinarian can indicate a specific resting heart rate, resting respiratory rate, or activity level for each INDIVIDUAL pet.  The veterinary team is alerted if a patient is outside of those desired ranges.

For example, consider Max.  Max has a heart murmur, and his veterinarian is concerned to make sure he stays healthy at home, with no worsening of his heart.  Max’s veterinarian will not see him again for 6 months, at his next check up. His veterinarian can set a range for Max’s resting heart rate and resting respiratory rate, and he will be notified if Max’s numbers are too high or low.  So if Max’s healthy range for resting respiratory rate is 5-25 breaths per minute, Voyce Pro will notify his veterinarian if his resting respiratory rate is 26 or higher.  This notification allows the veterinary team to intervene earlier in the progression of the disease (rather than wait until his next 6 month check up).  Early detection of disease leads to less pain for the pet, and often less expensive bills for the owner, in addition to improved outcomes.  The earlier we treat the disease, the faster we can make the pet better.  In some cases this can even be a life-or-death situation, with some health conditions.

I often get the follow up question: can someone using Voyce switch to Voyce Pro?  Thanks to Voyce’s customer service team, the answer is yes.  By contacting customer service a Voyce pet can become a Voyce Pro pet.  Voyce Pro is only available through prescription from a veterinarian, so Voyce Customer Service will confirm the adjustment with the veterinary team.

Another difference between the programs is how Voyce and Voyce Pro are billed.  Voyce has been on many Christmas Lists already this season, and it is available for purchase through the website.  A monthly or yearly subscription fee applies, and gives access to the full Voyce Wellness Center.

Voyce Pro, however, is more of a rental-type model.  After the veterinarian writes the prescription, Voyce Pro will reach out to the pet parent to confirm the veterinary prescription.  The veterinarian indicates how long he wants the pet to have the monitor, and whether the monitor is for monitoring wellness, or if it is for monitoring disease.  When the prescription runs out Voyce Pro contacts the pet parent to help with return shipping at no charge.

In either case, the objective information provided by Voyce is useful to the pet parent and to the veterinary team.  Voyce Pro is designed to help streamline care for the veterinary team, and allow a more direct line of access to the veterinarian, through the alerting feature.  We are pleased to be helping so many pets, pet parents, and animal health care teams.  We had a great response at CVC, and our team is greatly looking forward to our next veterinary show at NAVC in Orlando in January.  In the meantime we continue to support our veterinary partners daily.

Voyce™ is the future of pet health. A revolutionary Health Monitor and Wellness Management System for every stage of your dog's life.​


Posted on Dec 08, 2015 by VOYCE Health
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