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This is What Veterinarians Think of Voyce Pro

By: Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna
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Last week I was very excited to participate in one of my favorite veterinary shows. At the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium (IVECCS) hundreds of veterinarians gather to discuss breakthrough treatments and new technologies impacting veterinary critical care patients.  At the same time, the International Veterinary Association for Pain Management (IVAPM) held their annual meeting. 

The sessions were held in Washington DC, at the Gaylord Hotel.  This conference is held in the early fall every year, but the location changes.  Several of our Voyce contributors were in attendance and speaking.  Dr. Justine Lee, who writes about toxicology and emergency medicine, gave many impactful lectures, educating hundreds of veterinarians.

Dr. Justine Lee was also able to stop by the Voyce Pro booth at IVECCS.  I have the utmost admiration for her work, and I was very excited to share the newest developments of Voyce Pro, which now allows a veterinary professional to monitor her patients, in the comfort of her own home. 

For emergency clinicians, follow up care is rare, and usually completed by the primary care veterinarian.  But using Voyce Pro is a way for an emergency clinician to remain engaged and ensure her patients continue to improve while under the care of the primary care veterinarian.  This follow up care is led by data, which is easily shared, between veterinary teams.  So as a pet parent, you can see the primary care specialist, and still have the data shared to the specialist, physical therapist, or emergency veterinarian.

For the primary care clinician, there is peace of mind knowing that your dog patient’s history can travel with him, and that emergency attention can be sought if needed.  It also gives the client capability to store medical records or other important data so the emergency veterinarian has the maximum amount of case history, and help the pet parent make the best decisions possible.

As you might imagine, Dr. Justine Lee was pretty excited about these new developments about the program.  She recorded our ‘training session’ live for Periscope, and transmitted.  Feel free to take a look and listen, and explore Voyce and Voyce Pro.  Having your veterinarian able to collect objective data about your pet at home is amazing, and this breakthrough is already impacting quality of care in a brand new way.

Additionally, since we are now able to pick up indicators of pain sooner, the practioners of IVAPM were very interested in Voyce Pro.  Many dog lovers know how much dogs try to hide pain; this evolutionary behavior developed to enhance survival.  But now that dogs are living inside the home, the hiding of pain is no longer as beneficial to dogs.  Instead, pet parents and veterinarians want to know if a dog is in pain, so we may treat her.  Untreated pain does not serve a benefit, and has been shown to negatively impact how the patient does overall.  Basically, pain isn’t good, and veterinarians want to treat it.  By using Voyce Pro, veterinarians have been able to pick up signs of pain more rapidly, allowing for more prompt medical attention.

Many thanks to all of the veterinarians, who came by our booth to visit and learn more.  As we are spreading the word about the advancements of Voyce Pro, we are continuing to get great questions about how best to use the program for general practioners, specialists, and emergency veterinarians.    More veterinary hospitals and veterinarians are signing up every day, since we all want to know if our dogs are suffering.  If you want to know how Voyce Pro can help you and your pet, feel free to reach out today at

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Posted on Sep 28, 2015 by VOYCE Behind the Scenes
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