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Say 'No, Thank You' to Thanksgiving Stress

“Is it Thanksgiving already?” Why are we always so surprised?

With all the shopping, cooking and cleaning to be done, there never seems to be enough time – certainly not enough to consider what Thanksgiving means to your dog. But holiday stress for people can mean stress for pets, too. Although we’re thankful year round for the love and companionship our dogs give us, Thanksgiving is a great time to show our gratitude by following a few easy steps to help alleviate stress.


Stay Positive: If you’re preparing and hosting a big meal, it’s easy to forget that holiday gatherings are supposed to be fun. But keeping that in mind is important for your dog and yourself. Your dog can tell when something is off with your attitude, so don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the day, so your pup can enjoy it, too.

Get Exercise: Helping your dog release pent-up energy is crucial on a day when he will be surrounded by strangers (or home alone for an extended period of time). It will also help you focus on task number one, staying positive. Get those sneakers on, get outside, and release some endorphins! Your dog will thank you, and it will help you feel less guilty about those second (and third) helpings you take. 

Watch the Food: Although it can be very tempting to give in to your dog’s begging, it’s a bad idea on Thanksgiving. Many human foods are toxic to dogs, including grapes, chocolate, onions and garlic, to name just a few. Even if the food you’re giving your pet isn’t toxic, you’re showing guests that giving food to the dog is ok. Too many table scraps will upset your dog’s stomach, and we all know that after a Thanksgiving meal you will have enough to clean up.


We send a very Happy Thanksgiving from the VOYCE family to yours, and hope these tips help make your day a little smoother. 

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Posted on Nov 27, 2014 by VOYCE Just for Fun