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Smile and say rawhide: our favorite dog pics on social media

People love their dogs and can’t help but share photos of them. Social media is brimming with pooch pics because sharing dog photos is such a fun pastime for many.  Here at VoyceTM, we take time out of the day to scan our social media feeds to find great shots of dogs and the people who love them.


As the dog days of summer begin to wind down, we’ve assembled a few of our favorite accounts for reading and, of course, sharing. The Tumblr account is a great compilation of photos from Grace Chon of her son Jasper and favorite pal:  a rescue dog from Thailand named Zoe. Maddie is a dappled coonhound and the muse of Theron Humphrey. Maddie is featured in the many country-life photos on Humphrey’s popular Instagram account, ThisWildIdea.


Image source: @thiswildidea on Instagram


Artist Sophie Gamand is a great account to follow. Her artistic dog portraits are compelling, especially her “Wet Dog” series, a look at an activity that brings out dogs’ best and worst:  bath-time. The parents of Two-legged Rex chronicle the antics of this Chihuahua-Dachshund mix (Chiweenie), who has only two legs but enough heart for an entire pack. 


Image source: @twoleggedrex on Instagram


In the same breed family but in a category all his own is Tuna Melt, another awesome Chiweenie whose charm and camera-ready overbite is taking Instagram by storm with nearly 910,000 followers.


Image source: @tunameltsmyheart on Instagram


Rounding out this summer installment of canine social media stars is Menswear Dog, described as a “5 year-old Shiba Inu living in NYC with a penchant for all things style.” Want to have your dog featured on a prominent social media account? 

Shoot us a note on Facebook, and post a picture of your dog doing a favorite “Dog Day of Summer” activity.  And don’t forget to follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts, too!