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Voyce Joins in Promoting the “Just One Day” Campaign to Reduce Euthanasia in Shelters

As a team and individuals here at Voyce, we’re committed to improving the lives of companion animals.  One way we do this is supporting causes devoted to rescue, health, shelter and adoption for pets that – often by no fault of their own - are found to be in need of rescue.

The Humane Society of the United States notes that efforts to promote responsible pet ownership are working: “Since the 1970s, euthanasia numbers in animal shelters have declined sharply—from about 15 million cats and dogs euthanized in 1970 to approximately 3.4 million in 2013—even as pet ownership has increased steadily.”

While great strides have been made, there are still approximately 10,000 companion animals euthanized in U.S. animal shelters each day. Voyce would like to help support causes that promote adoption-first and reduction in euthanasia of adoptable pets by bringing awareness to Just One Day.  Just One Day is a day of national recognition on June 11th, 2014 where shelters are encouraged to pause, pledge and work toward zero-euthanisia goals of all adoptable pets. 

On June 11th, shelters that have pledged to work toward these goals will suspend euthanasia for that day, and instead increase their efforts of photographing pets and posting them on the web and on social channels like Facebook and Twitter. The day will be used to promote and market their adoptable companion animals to the public, by reaching out to rescue groups, hosting adoption events with discounted rates, and remaining open for extended hours. They will ask their communities to help them empty the shelter the good way: Adoption of pets into new, loving homes. Just One Day, along with other supporting organizations, are helping the shelters who make the pledge succeed by offering them tools they need to be successful, free of charge.

To learn more about how 24 hours can change the lives of 10,000+ companion animals, please visit Just One Day on Facebook, as well as the organization's website, for details on how to help in your area, both on June 11th, and beyond.