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Is your dog stressed about going back to school?

​Kids aren’t the only ones that get anxious about going back to school. back to school blog chalkboard.jpg

It’s a time when there’s a noticeable shift in the household. Schedules and routines get rearranged.


Stick to Your Routine: During this transitional time, it’s important to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Routines help maintain a sense of normalcy and reduce stress levels for your pet. Try to maintain normal feeding, exercise and bed times. 

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Get Moving: Making sure your dog gets ample exercise each day gives him or her a chance to release nervous energy. If you can't get outside, try playing fetch with your dog inside by throwing a ball up the stairs to maximize his or her exercise. Voyce’s wearable technology for you dog can help you track your pet’s health and fitness, by monitoring many crucial vital signs. 

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Spend Quality Time: Regular one-on-one time with your pet works wonders. Whether you’re walking or running with your dog, leisurely grooming them or simply petting them, it will help them feel secure during this time of transition. And you’ll enjoy it, too. 

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